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Solvent and Metal Recovery

Solvent Recovery


The vacuum distillation process is able to refine all types of organic solvents up to their original purity and return back to the same customer for re-use.


The distillation plant comprises of both batch and continuous process systems that enable purification and recycling of contaminated solvents. The plant has six single-drum distillation systems and two vacuum tank distillation systems to process up to 9000 tons of waste per year.


Veoliais also able to provide customized distillation service to the customers.


The customized distillation system is able to distill different types of solvents simultaneously to meet the specific needs of the customers. The residue resulting from the solvent recycling will be incinerated accordingly.


The solvent recycling system has a capacity of 900 tons per month.


Metal Recovery


Veolia is equipped with metal recovery systems, mainly for copper and nickel. The electrolytic metal recovery systems have the capacity to process more than 30 tons of pure metal and up to 2000 tons of metal oxide is produced via precipitation method annually.

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