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For Public Authorities

There are 2 major public services that Veolia Environmental Services provides for the National Environment Agency, the local authority, in Singapore.


Public Cleansing Service


As a public cleansing service provider, Veolia renders street cleansing services for more than 60% of all public roads and streets as well as 100% of all expressways in Singapore.


The scopes of services include cleansing all the public roads, pavement, grass verge, back lanes and bus stops as well as clearing the litters from the litter bins within the appointed sectors.


Public Waste Collection and Recycling Service


As a public waste collector, Veolia provides refuse and recyclables collection services to more than one million of the population in Singapore.


The scope of services include collection of refuse and recyclables from domestic premises such as HDB and landed properties as well as private apartments that have opted into the public waste collection scheme as well as non-domestic premises such as government establishment, religious organization and selected trade premises within the residential estates.

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