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In order to optimize operation resources in an environmental-friendly, efficient and innovative way, Veolia Environmental Services has introduced a fleet of innovative equipments – MINIMATICS, for the collection of municipal refuse during the commencement of the new contract for the Pasir Ris-Tampines sector on the 1 July 2011.


The Minimatics is a smaller and simpler version of a rear end loader body. The equipment is mounted on a fixed frame inside a bin centre and it has the same functionalities as a mobile compactor.


By implementing Minimatics, Veolia would be collecting refuse using the rear end loader vehicle and hence bringing significant improvement in the operation productivity, reducing carbon footprint, noise pollution as well as minimizing potential risk on road safety.


To date, there are more than 20 units of Minimatics in the HDB estates within the Pasir Ris-Tampines sector, and hence setting a benchmark for innovative refuse collection methodology in Singapore.

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