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Site Remediation and Decontaimination

Site Remediation


In the event of any on site remediation services on contaminated soil and premises, Veolia's experienced team is able to provide customized solutions coupled with necessary custom-made equipments to be mobilized to the required site.


Veolia in-house laboratory is also able to support such large-scale packaged project, providing analytical monitoring from time to time.


Sludge Lagoon Cleaning


Site remediation job such as sludge lagoon cleaning usually involves the services of sludge dewatering, sludge removal and sediments removal for the industrial, utility, and municipal clients. The vacuum tankers and jetting trucks form the backbone of such large-scale services rendered.


Cleaning and Decontamination


Gas trap decontamination and chemical decontamination of facilities are some of the turnkey projects that are trademark services of Veolia.


Such services depends highly on Veolia in-house specialized personnel who has undergone rigorous training in operating and utilizing the professional cleaning equipments.

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