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Veolia Environmental Services offers a comprehensive range of waste management services to customers from both public and private sectors.


The type of waste that Veolia manages in Singapore range from solid to liquid waste and hazardous to non-hazardous waste.


Some of the solid waste that Veolia manages include, municipal household waste, recyclable materials as well as green waste. All municipal household waste collected by the refuse trucks will be incinerated. Recyclables materials that are collected by the recyclables collection trucks will be sent to the Material Recovery Facility for subsequent sorting and recycling. All green waste collected are sent to a composting facility located at Lim Chu Kang.


Being a leading hazardous waste management service provider, Veolia collects, recycle and treat various types of hazardous waste such as acids, chemical contaminated materials, organic and inorganic sludges, used oil and coolants, and contaminated soils and ashes. Well equipped with high pressure hydro-jetting and industrial vacuuming equipment as well as a full time emergency response team, Veolia is able to deploy on site industrial cleansing and remediation services within 24 hours.

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